La Piñata x Sephora

With the holidays coming right around the corner, I always like to keep my eyes out for good deals and gift ideas. While doing my weekly perusal of Sephora’s website, a charming item popped onto my screen: a fox-head piñata, stuffed with surprises! Including an easily accessible opening to access your goodies, this charming pink fox is adorned with rose-gold stars along with dangling pink and white ribbon for a cheerful but chic look. About the size of a melon, this festive piñata is ideal for any makeup lover.

As well as cosmetics, Sephora made sure to stuff this fox with goodies to pamper and soothe the skin, such as a shea lip mask, avocado eye mask, and lotus flower sleeping mask. Shower off with the creamy cotton flower body wash capsule while breathing in the scent of its matching fizzing cube for a truly deluxe treat. You could spoil a friend with this mini at-home spa day, or indulge in these nourishing necessities yourself! (I still haven’t made up my mind 😉)

Along with an ultra-black, luxuriously-bristled mascara, one product that was most intriguing to me came as a surprise. Called the “fingertip eyeliner,” this mini black liquid eyeliner is meant to be applied with your fingertip in their hollow lid for added precision. Personally, I found the product to be relatively small, but the concept works beautifully in execution; the hollow tip does, in fact, make it easier to create the perfect cat-eye.



While I’ve never been to cosmetology, culinary, or film schools, I enjoy writing on the topics for sheer pleasure of knowing I’m probably going to learn something new each time I write about them. Why should you read my blog? You shouldn’t. You should be doing that stack of laundry, walking your dog, or doing that project you’ve been putting off, but if you’ve gotten this far maybe you’ll be willing to hang in here with me for a few blogs. Hope you enjoy!


Fenty Beauty x Rihanna

Taking two full years to develop and a massive sold out first launch, Fenty Beauty x Rihanna has finally released its debut line of cosmetics to the delight of the public (and yours truly). Geometric with a nude design, the collection has already been coveted by beauty bloggers worldwide, especially for its matte foundation. Along with varying tones of both cream and powder highlighters, Rihanna has made it her mission to make all skin types glow. According to the makeup mogul herself, “Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: For women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. That’s the real reason I made this line.”

Tipping a hat to her desire for global appeal, it was initially difficult for me to decide between the many shades to find my own perfect match. This took me to my go-to Sephora, where I was matched with shade 120, a neutral light tone. At first I was skeptical of the price tag at $34, but curiosity got the better of me, and I’m definitely glad it did! Once I tried on the product, all my doubts were erased. Wow did it perform! After a layer of primer and only ONE pump of foundation, I went to town with my beauty blender and covered my entire face in a flawless, seamless matte.

This product is the perfect foundation and can be used as a base for contour, highlight, etc., but with skin looking THIS good, it’s hard to want to cover it with anything but a touch of blush and maybe one of her shimmery, highlight skin sticks. Not only do they come in light and bronze shades, but a soft lavender gleam for special occasions or when you want to channel the Badgal herself.