Women’s Edition: Facial Surgery Institute


Since 2010, Dr. Bruce Kuhn has owned and operated the Facial Surgery Institute, at 2727 South 144th Street. With a career in medicine that spans nearly 30 years, Dr. Kuhn is exceptional—he is not only a skilled medical doctor and surgeon but also a dentist. He combined these skill sets as the head of Oral and Facial Plastic Surgery for eight years and as a clinical professor at UNMC before co-founding the Facial Surgery Institute. He now provides comfort and expertise to his many satisfied patients.

A day at the Facial Surgery Institute varies depending on what kind of procedures the team has scheduled. These might include ear, nose, chin, or jaw surgery; face and neck lifts; or laser skin resurfacing (the Facial Surgery Institute offers an array of cosmetic as well as reconstructive procedures). According to Dr. Kuhn, about 50–60 percent of patients come to the Facial Surgery Institute for traditional oral surgery, such as wisdom tooth removal or dental implants. Dr. Kuhn explains his philosophy toward his field this way: “Facial plastic surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, encourages and promotes a strong, positive self-image. No matter how small or large the change on the outside, these procedures can create extraordinary changes on the inside.”

Melan, a patient of Dr. Kuhn, was referred to Facial Surgery Institute for dental implants. In addition to the three dental implants, Dr. Kuhn and his team corrected an asymmetrical facial deformity that was a result of a terrible boating accident that occurred in 2000. “Dr. Kuhn is an amazing surgeon,” Melan says. “He was so easy to talk to,  very upfront and caring. After that successful procedure, I had a chin/neck lift and laser skin resurfacing. I can honestly say I think I look the best I’ve ever looked thanks, to Dr. Kuhn and his staff.”

Dr. Kuhn’s success depends on his attention to detail and his devotion to his patients. According to his nurse, Angela, “he’s extremely particular, and he is very much a patient advocate. His expertise, his bedside manner, and his true desire for good outcomes set him apart.” Dr. Kuhn recalls a surgery that required innovative thinking. “We spent six hours on a nose that had been operated on before by other doctors…it was absolutely debilitated,” says Dr. Kuhn. When faced with a nose that was virtually destroyed, Dr. Kuhn rebuilt the nose by taking a rib graft and was able to produce the best result possible for his patient in the long term. He takes pride in the way he handles his toughest cases, whether he’s faced with a technical problem or a frustrated patient. “Those that come in grumpy, I like the best,” he says. “I like the challenge. Hopefully, by the time they leave, they’re saying, ‘Well, that was fun!’”

One attribute that is clear when speaking with Dr. Kuhn is his humility. He credits his success to his team and nursing staff, who, according to him, “do 95 percent of the work.” He doesn’t spend much time comparing himself to the competition. “I’ve been partners with many of them before,” he points out. “We all do the best we can for patients. Our town is very fortunate to have great health care.”

As many surgeons can attest, one of the challenges to running a successful surgical practice is handling insurance coverage, and Dr. Kuhn is no exception. “People come in with different issues,” he explains, “and they want it to be affordable. They want their insurance to pay for everything that they have done. That is not the way it happens, and we get put in a position to negotiate for the patient with the insurance carrier.”

Dr. Kuhn and his team are at the forefront of technology, and they perform over 200 aesthetic procedures a year. For example, when preparing for jaw surgery, all the planning is done virtually to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient, even before the first incision is made. They also use laser technology for small incisions around delicate areas as well as laser resurfacing. Technology goes through trends, so Dr. Kuhn tries to select what is best for his patients. Before investing in new technology, he asks himself, “Will what I’m doing today still work for someone 20 years from now?”

Having achieved accreditation with the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), the Facial Surgery Institute is raising the bar and helping set the standards for best practices in surgical medicine throughout the country. The Facial Surgery Institute is the only AAAHC-Oral and Maxillofacial accredited facility in the state of Nebraska, which is a great reason to reach out to them if you are considering cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Their phone number is 402-330-8460.

If you are at all on the fence about seeing Dr. Kuhn, just take the word of this patient testimonial: “The Best! My husband had to have a wisdom tooth removed, and he has a lot of anxiety. Dr. Kuhn is so compassionate and understanding. He discussed the procedure with him beforehand and made sure he understood everything that was going to take place. His staff was excellent and so friendly, too. An overall wonderful experience.”

For more information, check out the Facial Surgery Institute online at www.fsiomaha.com.

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