Velvet and Lace and Pearls, Oh My! 2018 Wedding and Prom Trends

From high school to the red carpet, everyone wants to feel glamorous on their special day. Whether it’s the prom or your wedding, keeping up with fashion trends while honoring your personal style can be tricky. Here are some ideas from the 2018 season to help you stand out.

Prom brings an exciting opportunity to get glamorous and have fun with friends. One note of fashion caution: Schools have dress codes, even at prom! It’s smart to check before shopping to see if any styles are not allowed. Traditional styles will always be in vogue, so feel free to go for the princess dress, if that speaks to you. For a modern twist, add a bit of texture with a beaded belt, or perhaps tassel earrings and colorful shoes.

Another way to add texture is by incorporating velvet. This luxurious fabric adds sophistication to any outfit, whether it is the material of the dress, shoes, or jewelry. It also goes well with a pop of glittering chunky jewelry. Illusion dresses are on trend and allow the wearer to show a hint of skin while remaining tasteful. Two-piece gowns with beaded accents and lacy tops are also on the rise for a twist on tradition. When choosing your final outfit, wear what makes you comfortable, and feel as fabulous as you are on the inside.

Bridal fashion has seen many changes in the 2018 season. Several designers have decided that black is the new white and have added black accents such as bows, belts, and even full-length skirts. Channeling classic Audrey Hepburn, sweeping ruffles and tapered skirts are all draped in tulle and accented with the tiniest of lace details. Sheer corsets and pearl embellishments are also incredibly popular, adding a seductive touch for the daring bride.

A twist on “something blue” was also on the runway, by Mira Zwillinger and Randy Fenoli. Layers of sky-blue tulle along with pearl accents make for a truly fairy-like gown. If you are more of a traditionalist, don’t worry. Plenty of classic silhouettes are still going strong in bridal fashion. More traditional features like lace gloves, statement bows, and beaded dresses are commonly seen.

Choosing a dress for a second wedding can be hard to navigate. Queen Victoria popularized the white wedding dress, which began to symbolize the concept of the purity of a first-time bride. However, as shown in the 2018 bridal collections from many designers, brides are moving farther and farther from tradition. Therefore, when choosing a dress for a second wedding, follow the same basic rules as a first-time bride: Consider the venue, the time of year, and the overall tone of the wedding.

Staying true to your personal style is also extremely important. As we mature, our tastes mature, as well. Perhaps a cocktail dress or couture skirt or pantsuit may fit your taste. (Bonus: They really can be worn on more than one occasion!) The only thing to avoid as a second-time bride is a blusher veil to cover the face—this would likely be seen as a faux pas. Other than that, do not be afraid to flaunt your figure and dress in a way that makes you comfortable. The more confident you feel, the more excited you will be for the walk down the aisle!

The mother of the bride can have an equally difficult challenge in choosing an appropriate dress; trying to stand out but not overshadow the bride or end up looking like a bridesmaid can seem as challenging as a tightrope walk. Some trends, such as pastels, neutrals, and lace, are timeless ways to blend with the wedding party. Caped dresses are also extremely popular and, with asymmetrical designs, are a twist on a ’70s trend. Tiered skirts and sheer sleeves are also a great way to flatter any figure while adding a hint of sensuality.

You may think men have it easy when it comes to formalwear—after all, it’s hard to go too wrong with a basic black tuxedo. Think again! As options grow, so does the number of choices that need to be made. Men still need to select from a bevy of shirts, vests, ties, cufflinks, and shoes. Colored, printed, white, and even corduroy tuxedos are being worn on the red carpet by both men and women.

No matter your personal style, the key is to follow your gut, pick pieces that speak to you, and dress in a manner that reflects who you are.

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