CLC Landscapes Putting the “Care” Back Into “Lawn Care”

*Story can be found in Women’s Edition Magazine, May 2018

Corporate Lawn Care was started in 2008 and successfully served primarily corporate clientele. Over the years, as owner and operator Andrew Gangestad branched out into residential clients and other services, he decided to change the name. “‘Corporate Lawn Care’ just didn’t quite broadcast who we were and what we were about,” Andrew says. “I geared it more towards the landscaping side.” CLC Landscapes was born.

With a history of entrepreneurial spirit, Andrew began shaping the mold for what would eventually be CLC Landscapes when he was just a teenager. “I grew up doing this! I had a small business in high school doing residential yards,” he recalls. “I went to college in Lincoln to study horticulture, then came back and started going full-bore from there.” Andrew believes his degree in horticulture gives him an edge over his competitors and enables him to find the landscaping that is truly the best fit for his clients’ individual properties. His expertise in “plant identification, using plant material that is sustainable around the area, being able to use native plants to Nebraska and to the area—that’s all helpful.”

“Our business is about half commercial and half residential now,” Andrew notes. “Much of our business is landscape design, installation, and maintenance.” They are sure to use local vendors and support Omaha’s blooming economy because of Andrew’s heartfelt belief in the importance of small businesses.

To run a successful landscaping business in a four-season climate requires creativity and flexibility. Andrew wears many different hats at CLC Landscapes, and a lot of the change depends on the season. “In Nebraska, the winter is the most unpredictable of all seasons,” he says. “We do a large amount of commercial snow removal for a lot of our landscape maintenance clients, at office buildings, business parks, apartment complexes, and medical buildings. That consumes us for about half of the winter.”

You may be surprised to learn that they also do landscaping—in the winter, in Nebraska! “Yes, we also do a decent amount of landscape work, as well,” Andrew confirms. Last winter, for example, CLC Landscapes completed a large retaining wall project. If the groundwork can be accomplished in a timely manner to avoid the frost, there are certain projects that can be started or even completed during the winter months. In 2017, the company was landscaping until December 20th!

Currently, CLC Landscapes is capable of handling projects of virtually any size. Recently, pools have been a popular addition to properties, as well as outdoor kitchen and fire features that allow homeowners to make better use of their outdoor space.

What sets Andrew and his team apart from other firms is their ability to complete a project with no outsourcing whatsoever. “We are able to go in and do a large-scale project from A to Z and be able to do everything in-house,” Andrew elaborates. “A lot of companies may want to add some outdoor living aspects to a project and will use other vendors or subcontractors. When we get hired on a project, we do everything internally through our company. For example, if we’re working with a pool company on a pool project, we handle the retaining walls, the patio spaces, the fire and water features, the landscape lighting, the irrigation repair, the sodding, the trees—we handle every aspect of the landscaping.” From the homeowner’s point of view, it’s an appealing concept to cut out the hassle of working with multiple project managers. For Andrew and his staff at CLC Landscapes, it makes designing, implementing, and completing an entire project that much more satisfying.

CLC Landscapes has proven their abilities by following through and satisfying their current customers to grow their network in the community. Since their clientele is 80–90 percent referrals, they must be doing it right. “Taking a blank space and being able to transform it is rewarding,” Andrew says, “but I think the thing I enjoy the most about landscaping is working with clients. I go out and meet our clients, I’m working with them through the design process, and I’m also the person they call when they have a concern or a change to make. It’s a very one-on-one experience. I’ve been able to meet and network with a lot of great people in Omaha.”

Whether you’re looking for simple lawn maintenance at your home, dependable snow removal at your business, or a complete landscaping overhaul, Andrew and the crew at CLC Landscapes are ready to meet your needs. For more information on partnering with a comprehensive, locally owned landscaping company, call CLC Landscapes at 402-734-8088. CLC Landscapes is located at 2910 F Street, in Omaha. Find them online at

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