Helping Clients Navigate the Murky Waters of Insurance

*Written for the Daily Record –

Sometimes one sentence, date or clause can make all the difference as to whether an insurance policy will pay an insurance claim. Fortunately, companies like The Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month, Premier Claims, exist to help homeowners when elements like wind, hail, and fire damage their property.
Soon to be located at 1079 North 205th Avenue in Elkhorn, Premier Claims’ primary function is to ensure
that property owners get their fair share from insurance payouts once they have been denied. Gil Shalmon, building consultant and public adjuster for Premier, explained,
“Anybody who owns a property that has been damaged … once an insurance company tells them ‘no,’ they don’t really have much recourse.
We do; we have license to look at policy and statutes and the legal side.”
Licensed to practice in multiple states, Gil continued, “Some insurance companies lobby in some states to the point that we don’t even have people who do what we do.” In states like Alabama, for example, the only recourse against an insurance company on a denied claim is to sue in a court of law. This makes Premier Claims’ job extremely important, as they are advocating for the individual against large corporations on a day-to-day basis.
Established in 2017, National Business Director Pate Smith, who attended law school, brought his legal expertise to the team. He said, “Everybody in this company is like a specialist. Every other company in our industry, they may work 40 or 80 claims a year. That would be a lot. We work on 150 a month, residential and commercial.” For example, the employees assigned to inspect and check homes are typically
from the roofing or building industry.
“The guys that deal with the insurance companies on behalf of the policy holder collectively have done over 20,000 claims. Everybody is highly specialized,” Pate said. When the local team of 20 works together and coordinates with their nationally dispersed counterparts, they work like a well-oiled machine.
As the only company to assist individuals with claims under $100,000, Premier’s goal is to advocate on behalf of each and every policyholder. Every individual matters to them and treating them as such is what truly sets them apart from the average corporate entity. “Personally,” said Gil, “I kind of like taking on the big corporations and helping people out. We don’t win them all, but we do win about 90 percent.”
Perhaps the biggest point of note about Premier Claims is their emphasis on education. Gil said, “There’s a lot of implications on whether or not to file a claim, it’s a big re-education process. If your property is damaged and you don’t make the repairs, a couple of years down the road you may have a total system failure. If you do file eventually, the insurance company is going to come back and tell the owner they should have made the repairs back then and deny the claim.”
If one waits, for example, too long to file a claim on damage from a storm, an insurance company has the right to depreciate the value of the damage by the amount of time the homeowner waited to file the claim and give less money to make the repair. Pate explained, “In Nebraska, the longer you wait, it drastically decreases the likelihood of payout. … But, you do have up to five years.”
If an insurance carrier does, in fact, pay out a sum for damages, it is extremely important to make sure it is sufficient to restore a structure back to its original state.
“Apartment fires are almost always underpaid by three quarters,” Pate said. Gil went on to explain, “Most people take things for granted, or they assume that what the insurance carrier is writing for is right.”
Some insurance carriers may offer a lump sum when they make payouts, without taking into consideration
exactly what factors need to be restored or rebuilt to bring a structure to its original state. A $900,000 payout, for example, may seem extremely generous, but in reality, the repair may cost closer to $3 million to return the building to its original state.
For this and many reasons, Premier Claims likes to be involved with the policyholder before a claim has even been filed. They can read through your current insurance policy to make sure there “aren’t any clauses that are going to cause issues,” said Pate. Working with single homeowners to property investors with hundreds of buildings, Premier goes out to inspect properties.
Gil said, “when, for instance, a hailstorm comes through, we’ll go out and inspect each of those properties and give clients a full detailed report with pictures and tell them based on their insurance policy and how much damage, whether it makes sense to file a claim on this.”
After working hard at their craft and processing thousands of claims in a short time, Gil and Pate are extremely
proud to accept the Small Business of the Month Award from the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Premier Claims.
Pate loves driving around the greater Omaha area, especially Dundee, and being able to say, “I did that one, and that one, and that one…”
“It feels great,” said Gil. “After all the work that everyone’s put in, and all the results we have achieved, we feel pretty good. I remember when we were originally signed up for the Chamber of Commerce and noticed the award. It was something I was trying to strive for. It’s always nice to be recognized and we’re really just trying to build the company and expand the foothold we have in the community.”
With dependable service, caring staff, and incomparable expertise, Premier Claims is the perfect advocate for those going through conflict with their insurance carriers.
If you have an insurance claim that needs help or want a second set of eyes on your current policy, contact
Premier Claims today at 1-877-219-0049.

If You Can Dream It, You Can SignIT

*Written for the Daily Record 6/15/18 –

SignIT, a family-owned company, has been in the business of customer satisfaction for over twenty years. Established in May 1997 by Steve Roarty and his wife, Marianne, the business took off because of their genuine love of customer service and their work philosophy of abiding by the Golden Rule. Eventually, Steve and Marianne’s sons Scott and Matt, began working in the shop and would become integral parts of the business.
In 2017, on their 20th anniversary, Steve and Marianne retired, leaving their sons officially in charge of SignIT. While Scott’s forte is graphic design, director of marketing Ashley O’Neal said, “Matt does the operations side and the sales.”
Having moved to their current location at 8318 F Street in July of 2014, the business continues to grow and thrive. However, Steve and Marianne still make their presence known by stopping by the office and pitching in whenever necessary.
Even Scott and Matt are “not like the typical business owners,” according to Ashley. “They’re here, they’re working just as much, if not more, than anyone else. They’re in production, they’re taking the trash out, they’re a presence here and I think that’s why we’re here. We work for a great family.”
Marketing Director Ashley O’Neal began working at the company more than two and a half years ago, starting in production and eventually graduating into the marketing sector of the business. With a degree in the marketing, she was glad to return to her niche.
Implementing a new website that is fully functional, SignIT now displays how the business is more than meets the eye. The company can produce a multitude of media including banners, trade show displays, event signage, digital printing, lettering and decals, retail and real estate, vehicle graphics, 3D lettering, window lettering and more. “Even something as simple as the picture frame signs that are huge right now that you see at graduation parties,” Ashley said. “Fun stuff like that – we can do so many fun things.
“When we post it on social media, people are surprised to find out we do things like wine bottle labels.” From pens to outdoor signage, she said, “there’s so much you can put your logo on. And pretty much anything you can put your logo on, you can print.”
Using the latest technology, SignIT invested in a flatbed printer in 2016 to truly streamline their processes.
“Instead of going through the process of printing the logo out and doing the production, we can print directly onto the substrate now,” Ashley explained. A substrate is the base material or coating on which a label or image will be printed, which can include plastic film, foils or liner. She continued, “It prints directly on it and we cut it down and it’s done, versus eight other steps before that.” Capable of doing both the design layout and printing in-house, the team at SignIT can provide their clients with several options before printing the final product.
One of the many rewards of being in the marketing industry is being able to see the work a company has put in pay off directly. Ashley said she loves seeing SignIT’s product throughout the metro area.
“You work hard, you get the sale, the designers work hard on it, the production guys work on it, and then just seeing them all around Omaha is just so cool.” By eliminating typical corporate sales goals on their team, individuals at SignIT are free to provide a level of customer service that is superior to many other corporate entities.
When feedback is given,  customers typically rave about SignIT’s impressive level of customer satisfaction. “Even if we make a mistake,” Ashley stressed, “we’re always there and we own it, we make it right. I think that definitely is our strong suit.”
Following the Golden Rule and maintaining a family atmosphere, SignIT has achieved immense success in their first 20 years and looks forward to the years ahead. She said, “I think us being family-owned definitely sets us apart, versus being corporate. We know a lot of our customers’ faces, we have a lot of long-time customers that we interact with on a daily basis, and I think you can definitely see that when people come in through the door.”
This month, SignIT has been selected as the Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month for June due to their dedication and customer satisfaction. Since the small staff of seven full-timers does not advertise its talents, Ashley “truly believes a lot of our clientele is because of [the Chamber].”
As an active member of several business associations throughout the metro including the Millard Business Association, Ashley stressed that businesses need to, “be a presence. That’s one of the big things that we do is being involved with the community, being involved with the Omaha Chamber, the Sarpy Chamber, the Bellevue Chamber. I just think that sets people apart so much when they’re out there. People do business with people that they know.”
This small business has what it takes to pack a major punch for any marketing campaign. For more information (and to see their flatbed printer in action!), visit their newly re-designed website at

Precision Compounding: The Medical Masters of the Metro

*Story Written for Women’s Edition:

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Precision Compounding hasn’t stopped growing since its doors opened eight years ago, thanks to the teamwork of its owners, Nancy Johnson and Jodi Peterson. Nancy brings compounding experience from her hometown in North Dakota, while Jodi’s background is in pharmaceutical marketing. They’re the perfect duo to offer reliable pharmaceutical compounding services to the metro area.

The facility at Precision Compounding has an open layout, so customers can see the ins and outs of their medications as soon as they walk through the door. A sterile room is required to compound medications which is also utilized for injectables, everything is separated by airtight glass doors that keep conditions safe and up to code. Lisa Baine, PharmD, raves about the open setup of the business. “It’s really great because we can see everything that’s going on,” she says. “We can see all the foot traffic, so we can see and ask if anyone needs help.”

The full-time pharmacists on staff are extremely knowledgeable in the field, which is one of the great advantages to choosing Precision Compounding for supplements, medications, creams, or any other type of medication. With the ability to develop their own dosages and formulas, doctors “are getting the exact medications that they want their patients to have, and their word of mouth helps to establish that we are reliable,” says Lisa.

When it comes to sitting down with new patients, they stay consistent. “Every first-time patient gets brought into the consultation room, so we can answer the patient’s questions and explain the medication and how it works.” This is a level of customer service you might not get at a retail pharmacy. While they understand that everyone is in a rush, the pharmacists at Precision Compounding want to be 100 percent sure that you know exactly what you are taking before you leave their facility.

Medication compounding can be useful for many different reasons. As more people find out about food allergies and intolerances, compounding pharmacies become even more popular resources because they can customize a supplement or medication that ensures it will contain no allergens. Vegans and vegetarians appreciate Precision Compounding’s ability to make gelatin-based supplements without the use of animal products.

Currently, their expertise in nutritionals is growing along with the needs of the public. Because the FDA does not regulate supplements, Lisa notes, patients have to place great trust in manufacturers and pharmacies. She points to testing done in New York a few years ago to determine the ingredients of certain supplements and compare that to the label on the bottle. “Not only did they not have what they said they did as far as the active ingredient, but they said they were gluten-free and actually had traces of wheat. Consumers have to be very careful with what they buy.” Because of this, every brand at Precision Compounding comes with a certificate of analysis, which reports the exact ingredients in every supplement bottle.

Bioidentical hormones are another of Precision Compounding’s specialties. Bioidentical hormones have the same structure as those produced by the human body, meaning they fit exactly into the receptors of the body. Along with allergies, hormone imbalance is a medical issue that is beginning to gain traction and awareness. Because of this, Precision Compounding offers home testing kits that allow patients to test their hormone levels at home. “You can test for a whole panel of things,” Lisa says. “You don’t pay us for the kits; you pay the company once you decide to do the testing.”

Patients of all ages are dealing with hormone issues, Lisa asserts—hormone regulation is not just for aging women. “I think people hear ‘hormones’ and think of menopause, but it’s really for men and women of all ages for different reasons,” she says. Co-owner Jodi agrees that they have been seeing more men come in for testosterone regulation.

Clients appreciate the service and quality they receive at Precision Compounding, not to mention the cleanliness of the pharmacy. “The service is impeccable,” says one satisfied client. “Everyone is helpful—and talk about sterile! Squeaky clean! I feel so safe having my compounds made here. Thanks, Precision Compounding, for eight great years.”

“We can compound a medication to help any division of medicine,” Lisa concludes, and she’s not exaggerating—they create pharmaceutical compounds for pediatrics, pain management, dentistry, otolaryngology, dermatology, even veterinary medicine! If you’re looking for a compounding pharmacy you can trust to deliver the personalized medication that you need, look no further than 15722 West Center Road, in Omaha. For more information about all the services offered at Precision Compounding, visit or call 402-932-6373.