If You Can Dream It, You Can SignIT

*Written for the Daily Record 6/15/18 – http://www.omahadailyrecord.com/index.cfm?show=10&mid=84&pid=52

SignIT, a family-owned company, has been in the business of customer satisfaction for over twenty years. Established in May 1997 by Steve Roarty and his wife, Marianne, the business took off because of their genuine love of customer service and their work philosophy of abiding by the Golden Rule. Eventually, Steve and Marianne’s sons Scott and Matt, began working in the shop and would become integral parts of the business.
In 2017, on their 20th anniversary, Steve and Marianne retired, leaving their sons officially in charge of SignIT. While Scott’s forte is graphic design, director of marketing Ashley O’Neal said, “Matt does the operations side and the sales.”
Having moved to their current location at 8318 F Street in July of 2014, the business continues to grow and thrive. However, Steve and Marianne still make their presence known by stopping by the office and pitching in whenever necessary.
Even Scott and Matt are “not like the typical business owners,” according to Ashley. “They’re here, they’re working just as much, if not more, than anyone else. They’re in production, they’re taking the trash out, they’re a presence here and I think that’s why we’re here. We work for a great family.”
Marketing Director Ashley O’Neal began working at the company more than two and a half years ago, starting in production and eventually graduating into the marketing sector of the business. With a degree in the marketing, she was glad to return to her niche.
Implementing a new website that is fully functional, SignIT now displays how the business is more than meets the eye. The company can produce a multitude of media including banners, trade show displays, event signage, digital printing, lettering and decals, retail and real estate, vehicle graphics, 3D lettering, window lettering and more. “Even something as simple as the picture frame signs that are huge right now that you see at graduation parties,” Ashley said. “Fun stuff like that – we can do so many fun things.
“When we post it on social media, people are surprised to find out we do things like wine bottle labels.” From pens to outdoor signage, she said, “there’s so much you can put your logo on. And pretty much anything you can put your logo on, you can print.”
Using the latest technology, SignIT invested in a flatbed printer in 2016 to truly streamline their processes.
“Instead of going through the process of printing the logo out and doing the production, we can print directly onto the substrate now,” Ashley explained. A substrate is the base material or coating on which a label or image will be printed, which can include plastic film, foils or liner. She continued, “It prints directly on it and we cut it down and it’s done, versus eight other steps before that.” Capable of doing both the design layout and printing in-house, the team at SignIT can provide their clients with several options before printing the final product.
One of the many rewards of being in the marketing industry is being able to see the work a company has put in pay off directly. Ashley said she loves seeing SignIT’s product throughout the metro area.
“You work hard, you get the sale, the designers work hard on it, the production guys work on it, and then just seeing them all around Omaha is just so cool.” By eliminating typical corporate sales goals on their team, individuals at SignIT are free to provide a level of customer service that is superior to many other corporate entities.
When feedback is given,  customers typically rave about SignIT’s impressive level of customer satisfaction. “Even if we make a mistake,” Ashley stressed, “we’re always there and we own it, we make it right. I think that definitely is our strong suit.”
Following the Golden Rule and maintaining a family atmosphere, SignIT has achieved immense success in their first 20 years and looks forward to the years ahead. She said, “I think us being family-owned definitely sets us apart, versus being corporate. We know a lot of our customers’ faces, we have a lot of long-time customers that we interact with on a daily basis, and I think you can definitely see that when people come in through the door.”
This month, SignIT has been selected as the Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month for June due to their dedication and customer satisfaction. Since the small staff of seven full-timers does not advertise its talents, Ashley “truly believes a lot of our clientele is because of [the Chamber].”
As an active member of several business associations throughout the metro including the Millard Business Association, Ashley stressed that businesses need to, “be a presence. That’s one of the big things that we do is being involved with the community, being involved with the Omaha Chamber, the Sarpy Chamber, the Bellevue Chamber. I just think that sets people apart so much when they’re out there. People do business with people that they know.”
This small business has what it takes to pack a major punch for any marketing campaign. For more information (and to see their flatbed printer in action!), visit their newly re-designed website at https://signitomaha.com/.

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