Caring Senior Service and Home Cleaning Centers of America: Let Them Take Care of You

*Written for Women’s Edition:

Imagine how frustrating it must be to be unable to take care of yourself or your home in the way you always have. In the Omaha area, you can turn to Caring Senior Service and Home Cleaning Centers of America for help. These joint businesses, located at 1045 North 115th Street, help people maintain independence in their own homes by assisting with the daily tasks of living. Their motto, and their goal, is to keep their clients “healthy, happy, and at home.”

Shirley Tingley, the administrative director, notes that they assist clients of all ages, not just seniors. Whether the client is an adult with a mobility-limiting condition like multiple sclerosis, someone going through the rehabilitation process after surgery, or a senior who needs help with daily tasks, Caring Senior Service prides itself on providing the highest quality non-medical care for their clients.

June Mourgis began Caring Senior Service in Omaha after struggling to find help for her aging mother. She wasn’t happy with the options that were offered to her own parents, so she bought a franchise and started on her own. Now employing a cleaning crew and an arsenal of 75 caregivers, the company seeks to help clients stay in their homes as long as possible.

With many of their clients in the throes of rehab or living with a permanent medical condition, Caring Senior Service provides one-on-one companionship that nursing homes simply do not. This is particularly attractive for their younger clients. Many nursing care facilities, Shirley explains, are designed for older people. “The activities aren’t designed for a person under 40, so we’re seeing younger people who want to stay in their homes.” One client, for example, is a 36-year-old who was hit by a bus and had to be placed in a nursing home to recuperate. The client had no family to help with rehab, but Caring Senior Service was able to help with everything from getting dressed to performing physical therapy exercises.

Shirley has worked at different companies in the caregiving field, and she says it’s the GreatCare method at Caring Senior Service that makes the company stand out. “We take a personal, vested interest in each and every client,” she shares. “We personally introduce every caregiver to every client.” GreatCare focuses on three vital areas: quality caregivers, care solutions, and active involvement.

Because she went through the same challenges with her own parents, June knew firsthand what struggles a family faces when an older member needs help. June was able to adopt the GreatCare philosophy by catering to every individual’s needs. Each caregiver is personally matched to each client, Shirley explains. “It’s very easy to sit on a couch and stare at a TV with someone,” Shirley points out, “but that’s not what we’re about. We want to build that personal connection in order to pair the caregiver to the client.” Employing a wide range of caregivers, from soft-spoken CNAs to retired drill sergeants, the Caring Senior Service staff pride themselves on the ability to match clients with their ideal caregivers.

Many clients need help with daily tasks like getting dressed or doing range of motion exercises. If a client needs physical therapy or nursing care, Caring Senior Service will work in conjunction with other agencies to best serve a client’s needs. “We can help with shopping, meal prep, companionship, housekeeping, errands, and more,” Shirley continues. They will also help with pet care for clients who have animals.

In addition to the more practical needs like nutrition and physical assistance, Caring Senior Service caregivers also provide the companionship that their clients need. Shirley states, “Some clients want us to come out and just read the Bible to them and provide companionship; we can even help them with their hobbies.” She is motivated by her personal experience in senior care. “There are rough days, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Shirley concludes. “You have to love what you do, and I love my job.”

Home Cleaning Centers of America was established because so many of the Caring Senior Service clients needed help keeping their homes clean as physical tasks became more difficult. The two companies operate in the same office and offer both services to better serve their clientele. For people who want to stay at home but need help taking care of the home or of themselves, Caring Senior Service and Home Cleaning Centers of America can help. For more information, call 402-682-7326 or visit or

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