Curt Hofer & Associates: Innovation and Home Design at its Finest

*Written for Women’s Edition:

Curt Hofer & Associates is an expert team of builders and designers who have been building custom homes for more than two decades. After 20 years on Bob Boozer Drive, the firm moved to its current location (in Suite 102 at 16820 Frances Street) to accommodate its growing staff. Curt himself has been working in commercial development for the past 12 years. Steve Huber, the co-owner and president, ensures that the firm continues growing year after year.

After working in cornfields and on construction sites in his youth, Steve put his skills to great use when he discovered architecture and design. “I’ve always been a guy who likes working with my hands,” he says. “I’ve always got a project going on at home.” When he started honing his craft, drafting was still done without the use of technology—that means blueprints and measurements were all done by hand, and they had to be precise to the inch for a home to be structurally sound.

 Steve and Curt met after college and bonded over their passion for architecture, their mutual work ethic, and their small-town Nebraska roots. “I worked for Millard Lumber as an outside salesman, and Curt was just getting started with his business,” Steve recalls. “After I sold him material for 2 or 3 years, he asked if I wanted to make a career out of this, and I came on with him as a superintendent.” About four years later, Steve joined Curt as a partner. Today, Steve works with family, too—his son, Zach, is an assistant project manager, and his wife, Kristi, is their controller!

The team at Curt Hofer & Associates builds homes of all sizes and budgets, and they’re always up for a creative challenge. “We’ve put together a great team over the last 20 years,” Steve shares. “We have our own in-house design, we have our own plans. We’ve never built the same home twice!” Amenities such as outdoor living areas with kitchens and entertainment spaces are some of the current trends. Designer Marshall Wallman has been with them for 17 years, working to ensure that everything is one of a kind, down to the last detail.

The process of building a home can feel intimidating, but building fresh can be a better choice than remodeling. “People typically can’t find exactly what they want in the used house market,” Steve says. “That’s where we come in.” While remodeling an existing home may seem cheaper and quicker, building a home from the ground up with Curt Hofer & Associates can create the living space of your dreams without worrying about any “old bones.”

“Building a home can be overwhelming,” share clients Scot and Misty Sorensen. “Curt Hofer & Associates made our experience anything but that. The inevitable and expected snags that occurred were never alarming because of their input, suggestions, and follow-through. Their attention to detail was outstanding.”

One aspect that sets Curt Hofer & Associates apart from the pack is their continued relationship with clients after the home is completed. “Unfortunately, in our industry, once a house is done, the builder and client usually never see each other again,” Steve explains. “We’re a little bit different. Most of our clients are clients for life. We do our planning up front with a good set of plans, and we have a service department to take care of clients’ needs now and in the future. Once we build a home, we continue to maintain it.” Homes, like cars, need routine maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. This kind of follow-up service is rare in today’s industry.

Once you’ve decided to build a home of your own, the team at Curt Hofer & Associates will help you make the design choices that meet your needs and your budget. Function and square footage are only two aspects of the design process, Steve reminds us. When accessories and technology come into play, a budget can skyrocket. “You can spend $8,000 or $45,000 on appliances in the same kitchen,” he points out. He likens the process to choosing a car: “Do you want to drive a Ferrari or a Honda Accord? They both have four wheels and a steering wheel, but it’s a different experience.”

They’re invested in building modern homes, including smart homes with connected features like refrigerators, air conditioning, lights, security system, and even coffee makers. However, they aren’t distracted by shiny, new technology—they always take longevity into consideration when building homes. For example, they often install (or leave room to eventually install) an elevator to accommodate residents of all ages and abilities.

Are you looking for a home that you can call yours forever? Call the experts at Curt Hofer & Associates at 402-758-0440 to lay the groundwork for the home of your dreams. For more information, visit

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