Peitzmeier Demolishes Competition With Fair Prices and Clean Work

Even though it says demolition in its name, Peitzmeier Demolition and Concrete Cutting, Inc. does more than just blow up buildings.
Owner Mark Peitzmeier said his team approaches every project differently, based on the desired result.
Their website elaborates: “We specialize in Commercial and Industrial Demolition Services. Our company attempts to recycle, when possible, as much of the material we work with to reduce the economic and environmental impact within communities.”
Because of Peitzmeier’s stellar reputation and vast experience, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce has named his firm the September Small Business of the Month. They serve Omaha and surrounding areas in the Midwest.
Offering everything from gutting buildings to emergency response when structures become unstable, Peitzmeier and his team are dedicated to both quality work and giving back to their community.
Located at 1119 South 6th Street and a member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce since the doors opened in 2012, Peitzmeier values the relationships and contacts made through the many member events.
“We always seem to meet a lot of people there,” he said. “We wear shirts with our name on them and, by the end of the night, we get one or two more pieces of business out of it so that part’s always been good to us.
“All it takes is one job to pay for the membership, so it’s definitely worth it.”
Bringing 40 years of construction experience into his business, Peitzmeier was motivated to venture out on his own once his children were out of college. As superintendent at Kiewit for 18 years, he hesitated to leave a construction powerhouse and go out on his own.
“After I started,” Peitzmeier said, “I wish I’d started 10 years earlier, but then I didn’t want to take the risk.”
Having experienced life in construction during his tenure at Kiewit, he now contracts with his former employer on various projects throughout the Midwest. In fact, he has even done deconstruction on some of the buildings he helped to build.
The job that launched Peitzmeier Demolition and Concrete Cutting’s contractor business was the complete demolition and dirt work of the 170,000 square-foot Nebraska Crossing shopping mall in Gretna. To Peitzmeier, it was a “make or break” job for the budding business. They completed the job six weeks ahead of schedule despite some difficult weather.
“That started us,” he said, “Kiewit was impressed.”

Another high-profile job elicited an emotional response from the Plattsmouth community. Peitzmeier took care of the emergency demolition of a historic building that housed three downtown businesses and residences at 4th and Main Street. A fire destroyed the structure despite the efforts of seven fire departments in the frigid January weather of 2014. A thick coat of ice covered the entire area, adding another dimension to the removal.
KETV Channel 7 has Peitzmeier to thank for clearing the way for a complete renovation of the historic Burlington Train Station into its new broadcast facility. The demolition work included an extensive salvage of historic and ornamental elements of the 1898 landmark building that was originally built in the Italianate style. Coordination with railroad authorities was necessary to facilitate removal of an elevated train platform without disturbing AMTRAK daily arrivals on the lower platform.
Peitzmeier Demolition and Concrete Cutting has been successful because of Peitzmeier’s unwavering standards and connection to the community.
Not only does he give back locally; when projects are commissioned in other states like Kentucky, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois, Peitzmeier hires local workers to contribute to the local economy.
“It’s a win-win,” he said.
They also have a “green” mindset and recycle as much material as possible from every job site.
“All of our concrete gets recycled,” he said. “We’ll take it and get it crushed down for road bases. All the steel gets taken in and re-sent out and re-melded. Same with all the aluminum and copper, glass, the carpet (if it’s in good shape), we’ll bring it in and re-sell it or donate it.”
Partnering with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Ronald McDonald house, Peitzmeier Demolition and Concrete Cutting is consistently contributing in some way to the community.
From demolition to dirt work, Peitzmeier’s work is mainly comprised of what is referred to as “soft” demolition like the removal of ceilings, carpets, walls and other interior structures. Their focus is to provide a quick, but quality job.
Peitzmeier’s philosophy is to, “Finish strong. Clean it up when we’re done. Broom sweep it, get all the wires, make sure the walls are clean.”
By doing things the right way the first time, Peitzmeier Demolition and Concrete Cutting maintains a reputation of excellence and a philosophy of being detail oriented.
Not only are the company’s services top notch, Peitzmeier pays for half of its employees’ health insurance. Peitzmeier acknowledges that it’s “a huge cost.”
“In our industry, it’s amazing how many don’t have insurance,” he said.
However, the return is worth the investment because it guarantees quality employees stay. That’s reflected in their high quality of work.
Working with a variety of clientele, Peitzmeier has one simple motto.
“Price it right,” he said. “We’re not getting rich overnight. We want the customers to come back. We probably get half of our business from contractors. They just trust us, they know they’re going to get the right prices right off the bat.”
The biggest reward for Peitzmeier is coming to work every day.
“I love coming into work,” he said, “so that’s a reward. A lot of people don’t, so that right there is big. Loving what I do is what makes it fun.”

Written for the Omaha Daily Record Published 9/25/18: