LifeLoop: Integrating Tomorrow’s Technology with Senior Care Today

Whether we visit once a week or once a year, we all worry about the day-to-day lives of our senior family members. LifeLoop, winner of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Month Award for October, seeks to bridge the communication gap between family members and providers via technology, allowing seamless, centralized tracking to keep everyone in the “Loop.”
LifeLoop’s user-friendly interface allows calendar management, resident tracking and reporting with the ability to live stream and share photos, plus check transportation and home maintenance requests, with the convenience of a secure, online platform.
From skilled nursing to independent living, LifeLoop comes in handy for a wide variety of clientele. Family members who live out of town or want to be more involved in their family members’ daily lives are able to check in via smartphone or tablet. Independent residents can also make notes, send their own messages and communicate with their loved ones with just the click of a button.
Amy Johnson, CEO and cofounder of LifeLoop, started the business with her husband, Kent, and Phil Lee in 2015.
“We started LifeLoop out of a need for our family,” Amy Johnson said. “My father-in-law, in particular, was going through the process of moving his mom into a community. He had just experienced these gaps in communication. The community was great, but it was very much a question of, ‘How do you bridge that gap in the day?’”
This experience caused Johnson and her cofounders to explore the need for a comprehensive service for nurses, staff, residents and family. As time went on, it evolved into a “much better platform,” Johnson said.
Knowing there is a 45-percent turnover rate in skilled nursing staff, LifeLoop maintains all the resident records in one consolidated portal so everyone can remain in-the-know, regardless of staff turnover.
Currently in 28 states, LifeLoop’s goal is to expand their work to all 50. With three cofounders from vastly different backgrounds, LifeLoop strives to set itself apart with a philosophy of solution-driven excellence that provides the best result for each client. Johnson, who worked with Mutual of Omaha for eight years, used that experience to prepare for her current position as CEO. Kent, a commodity trader, and Phil Lee, an attorney, brought other complementary skills to the company.
“We all kind of go in our own lanes,” Amy Johnson said. “I’m more of the sales, client-focused, and Kent and Phil are more of the financial end.”
Currently managing a team of 10 full- and part-time staff, Johnson enthusiastically beamed that she has, “a great team.”
“Without them, none of this happens,” she said. “We’re like a small family. You’ve got to put all of those talents together to make it work.”
Seeing the value their program has added to seniors’ daily lives has been an enormously rewarding to Johnson and her team. She said that she is overjoyed to be, “doing this for a reason versus just spinning our wheels.”
Their mission is simple and pure: “To simplify things for all the staff, residents, and families by creating a platform to do so,” Johnson said.
Winning the Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Month Award has been an unexpected acknowledgement of all LifeLoop’s hard work.
“It was so exciting,” Johnson said. “I was not expecting that! I think it’s really cool because it’s acknowledging us as a business. I feel like sometimes I get all this recognition because I’m in that position (as CEO), whereas this is our whole team, and we’re doing this together.”
Having joined the startup community supported by the Chamber, LifeLoop received exposure to a wide variety of local organizations.
“I think the Chamber is a great staple in our community,” Johnson said, “and it’s something that we always want to support.”
After a time in the senior care community, Johnson has advice for fellow business owners.
“Trust your gut,” she said. “I don’t do anything that I have a bad gut feeling about. Find yourself with the right people, and don’t think you can do it all, because usually hiring the right people will take you a lot further.”
If you or a loved one need to be kept in the “Loop” with their relative, visit LifeLoop’s comprehensive service page at or call 402-915-3860 to set up a consultation.


Written for the Daily Record – The Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month:


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