Foundation One Bank

At 17445 Arbor Street, Suite 100, Foundation One Bank is conveniently located to provide services to residents of West Omaha—but that’s not all. With 26 employees and three locations throughout the city, Foundation One continues to grow at a steady pace. As they serve more and more customers across the area, their dedication to customer satisfaction does not waver.

Foundation One Bank was established in 2009 when Randal J. Burns, President/CEO, and a group of investors purchased Western State Bank in Waterloo, Nebraska.

Ann Fuller, a recent addition to the Foundation One team commutes from Glenwood every day because of her passion for Foundation One’s philosophy. Originally from Colorado, Ann chose Foundation One because of its family dynamic, community outreach, and dedication to each individual customer. “You want to work for a bank like that,” she says.

In her previous positions as a loan officer with other organizations, Ann says, the process was not so personal. They just had boxes to check for loan applications, and if one of the boxes wasn’t checked, “you’d put it in the computer and it would almost always decline for you.” However, at Foundation One, personal relationships are established between bankers and their clients. This can sometimes mean having extremely candid conversations with clients to help them achieve financial stability or take out a loan. It creates a dynamic of trust and the ability to look at the bigger picture.

One aspect of the bank that sets it apart from others is its dedication to the community. “People still need people,” says Molly Merrell, Vice President. Foundation One Bank partners with many charitable organizations on a consistent basis. Even outside of the office, the employees at Foundation One are always giving back. According to Molly, “that’s an expectation for us.”

In their daily practice, the employees at Foundation One demonstrate their understanding and dedication to client satisfaction. In fact, Molly notes that the most rewarding part of her job is being a part of the “firsts” in her clients’ lives. This might be something like a client’s first checking account, car loan, or mortgage.

In a world where technology rules, Foundation One seeks to remain accessible and keep up with current trends. While younger generations may prefer not to go into a brick-and-mortar building, Foundation One still seeks to establish individual relationships with their clients. “We provide sound advice and make smart decisions for people who live and work here locally,” says Molly.

The banking industry is challenging, with banks opening on every corner. To stay on top, Foundation One continues to practice their high level of customer service. “As we grow, our challenge is to find people who share our core beliefs, philosophy, and vision, so that we don’t lose sight of those things,” Molly explains. At Foundation One, their overarching goals are to thrive and to help their customers achieve financial stability, and they believe their dedication to serving everyone in their community is unparalleled.

Foundation One wants to be the one-stop shop for all of your banking needs. They understand how frustrating it can be to work with a different person for each different banking service. “It’s kind of a comfort level,” Ann says, “because money is one of the things that people are most private about. Trust is huge when you’re dealing with money. If our clients can tell their story just one time, it establishes that trust factor.” Molly concludes, “We’re relationship-based, not transaction-based. That’s what makes us different.”

For a community bank you can trust with all your banking needs, contact Foundation One Bank today at 531-215-0066. For more information on the financial services and advice provided at this community institution, visit them online at

Written for Women’s Edition Omaha:

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