E Creative: January’s Small Business of the Month!

The Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month Award recipient, E Creative, has been creating dynamic brands and marketing communication campaigns for the Omaha community since 2011.
As a well-established marketing consultant with more than two decades of marketing
experience, owner Esther Mejia recently relocated their headquarters to the Mastercraft Building in downtown Omaha where her team generates cohesive designs and marketing materials for each and every one of their loyal clients.
For a portion of her early career, Mejia pursued freelance marketing after receiving her degree in Visual Communication.
“Design influences so much of our world,” she said, “and we don’t even realize it.”
She and her team engage with their clients intensively and learn every aspect of an organization in order to maintain an authentic idea of their message to the community.
Their ability to create visually impactful materials for their clients and ability to communicate preserves the many longstanding and trusting relationships that they have built over time.
“Relationships are very important to us,” Mejia said, “and I see this as an ongoing relationship.
We’re not transactional folks; we want to be sure we’re building lasting relationships.”
With their brand-intensive process, E Creative learns the fundamental ins and outs of an organization to produce an optimum result for an individual organization’s brand strategy. By facilitating conversations and posing strategic questions about the organization,
E Creative guides clients through a very thoughtful progression to get to the real heart and voice of the organization. This process allows them to develop cohesive visual communications and content that help each client reach their target audiences.
One satisfied client, Megan Addison, executive director of the Collective For Youth, said, “We were looking for someone who could help us be clearer about our messaging and visually represent it for the community.
E Creative took the time to get to know Collection For Youth. We can now tell our story better and advance our work through the meaningful materials that they developed for us.”
Mejia explained the purpose behind her method.
“There are many voices,” she said, “and our process captures how that organization works in the real world.”
From developing brand strategies to marketing materials and other forms of corporate communication, Mejia says that E Creative seeks to “make sure the clients’ values, mission and vision align with what we create, capturing the true essence of who they are. If we’re being authentic, we know it attracts the right people to that organization.”
Not only does E Creative lead by example with their transparent and relationship-based company values, they want to work with the right organizations for the right reasons.
With a client spectrum including non-profits as well as corporate entities, E Creative “strives to work with organizations that elevate our communities and enrich the lives of others. That’s why I’m in it,” Mejia said.
One client, Executive Director of the Midlands Mentoring Partnership Deborah Neary, said, “In today’s world, nonprofits must deliver effective messaging in a creative format. No matter the communication challenge I have faced, E Creative always provides the solution. It is rare to find such talented people who are also humble and wonderful to work with. I completely trust the E Creative team to make us look good.”
By stressing not only authenticity but also a focus on preserving the community, Mejia and E Creative’s mission seeks to serve and render the community a better place than it was before they started.
Client Emiliano Lerda, executive director of the Immigrant Legal Center, said, “Working with Esther and her texam at E Creative has been fun, productive and effective. They totally get our organization’s culture and their work allows us to elevate our profile in the community.
Ultimately, E Creative is a key partner that helps us achieve our mission and strengthen our capacity for impact.”
Having been a member of the Omaha Chamber since 2013, a huge benefit of membership has been the opportunity to connect with others who are excited to highlight Omaha as a place for talented, mission-driven individuals and to collaborate with several creatives on the “We Don’t Coast” campaign, Mejia said.
“It was incredible to work with folks in my field from the community,” she said. “There was so much talent that I just loved being a part of that process.”
Keeping in regular communication with the Chamber because of their avid support for local businesses, Mejia believes that “they make our community better, and I’m grateful for that.”

Written for The Daily Record: http://www.omahadailyrecord.com/index.cfm?show=10&mid=84&pid=44

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