Physicians Thrive Helps Doctors Navigating Hurdles

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About three-fourths of physicians sign contracts without asking questions or getting them reviewed, leaving themselves vulnerable to exploitation.

That’s leaving them at a significant disadvantage, says Justin Nabity, founder and CEO of Physicians Thrive.

“Administration is winning, while doctors are losing badly – every single day,” Nabity said.

At Physicians Thrive, consultants and attorneys help physicians address their personal financial planning, contract review and even student loan planning. They serve as the “financial eyes in the sky” for their clients.

Nabity set out just over 11 years ago to use his financial expertise to help physicians take control of their careers. He said his in-laws told their children not to go into medicine because of how the field has changed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

“With how difficult it is to practice, it really causes parents to say, ‘I’m not so sure you want to do what I’ve done.’ To us, it’s an injustice, because it is a noble profession,” Nabity said.

Serving clients across all 50 states, Nabity and Chief Operating Officer Reid Lancaster make themselves available 24/7.

The firm offers an array of services including consulting, financial planning, and contract negotiation. Its contract review covers 100 points, including on-call pay, vacation time, work hours and schedule and reimbursement for continuing medical education.

Recent studies of physicians entering the workforce show that administration is growing aggressively as practicing physicians are dwindling. For-profit hospitals are giving medical professionals less. Physicians who just accept what they are offered risk leaving their earning potential unrealized.

“Most people have no idea how being a physician is an uphill battle,” Lancaster said. “They’re dedicated warriors who help us have the best life possible, and they get taken advantage of.”

Because of its track record for over a decade and its position to continue its growth, Physicians Thrive has been recognized the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month for June.

Nabity said many physicians – particularly those in specialized fields – can have unique job expectations, and they have different needs than nonphysicians.

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between when they put the blue gloves on and take the blue gloves off,” Nabity said.

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