Tap Into Omaha’s Best Brews!

Just like our eateries, Omaha is host to a cornucopia of fledgling breweries that are as colorful and unique as the people who run them. From pale ales to IPAs, the brewery scene in Omaha has a spot to cater to every taste. Tap In: Region’s Brewery Scene

Because of this, Greater Omaha has been nationally recognized as one of the top regions in the nations for craft breweries. Here are just a few of our gems that are making headway in their field (of hops).

Upstream Brewing Company

Omaha’s original brewpub, they’ve been making visitors feel like locals and locals feel like another round since 1996. New on tap: We Don’t Coast Kölsch – a classic german style ale dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc Hops. Cheers to that!

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Jan-Pro of Omaha: July Small Business of the Month

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Tumi Oluyole and his team members ain’t afraid of no dust.

The employees of Jan-Pro of Omaha look like they belong in the cast of “Ghostbusters” as they wear professional-grade vacuum backpacks and use the latest technology to eliminate their enemy – in this case, dust, dirt and grime.

Jan-Pro opened its first franchise in Nebraska in 2003 to provide professional cleaning services to businesses in Nebraska and portions of western Iowa.

For its dedication to service and sterling results, the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce named Jan-Pro as July’s Small Business of the Month.

Before taking over Jan-Pro in late 2016, Oluyole worked as a certified public accountant. Born in Nigeria, his family moved to the United States during primary school. Oluyole eventually went on to earn a master’s degree from Bellevue University and to become the owner, president and CEO of Jan-Pro of Omaha.

After more than a decade of working in accounting, Oluyole decided to apply his skills and attention to detail to his work as an associate with Jan-Pro.

Though Oluyole confessed that “I don’t even know how to clean my own house,” he cares for his many customers with ease and precision by following Jan-Pro’s brand standards and learning about cleaning compounds.

“You’re not just cleaning. You’re going above and beyond,” Oluyole said.

The goal is not simply to meet a customer’s expectations, but to exceed them, he said.

Extra effort with cleanliness can be the difference between a healthy environment and dragging productivity in a workplace when flu season hits.

Jan-Pro turns to patented compounds for a guaranteed clean. To ensure the wellbeing of their clientele, Jan-Pro utilizes green, non-hazardous, hospital-grade chemicals that prevent future bacteria from forming. Enviro-Shield, the company’s commercial disinfectant system, has a wrap-around effect that fills a room with negative ions, reaching every nook and cranny to eliminate airborne germs.

Servicing customers such as banks, medical facilities, manufacturing companies, office buildings, daycares, restaurants and many other places with an abundance of foot traffic, Jan-Pro’s cleaning products can make the difference between a normal flu season and an epidemic.

“People don’t understand that their keyboard has more germs on it than the restroom,” said Oluyole, who noted that he sees education as a key part of his job.

When the Jan-Pro team visits a business space, it determines the specific procedures needed to achieve optimal results. To avoid cross contamination, for example, cleaners use color-coated microfiber cloths that are designated for different areas of a business. The microfiber cloths pick up far more dust and lurking bacteria than cotton cloths or dusters.

Jan-Pro also goes a step further by wearing backpack vacuums. Unlike traditional upright vacuums, they do not allow dust to spread through the air and settle back into the carpet. Instead, they completely trap and eliminate it.

Jan-Pro takes their professionalism and forthright philosophy to another level by guaranteeing their cleaning services.

Oluyole said his team stands by their work, and they will offer courtesy cleans or credit toward future cleanings to maintain the partnerships that provide the foundation of the business.

For example, Oluyole said he once had a client with a sudden case of the chicken pox in his building. With the help of Jan-Pro, the contagion was quickly contained by thoroughly sanitizing surfaces and common areas.

That is the sort of dedication to service and his client’s needs that led Jan-Pro to win the Small Business of the Month Award.

Oluyole has maintained membership with the Greater Omaha Chamber since he took ownership of Jan-Pro because of the chamber’s massive network. Oluyole said he feels encouraged by the recognition to broaden his company’s reach in the community.

“It’s a great steppingstone,” he said. “The team was just so excited about it. It made us all say, ‘This is only the beginning.’”

Oluyole looks forward to expanding Jan-Pro’s network of clients and business owners through a two-tiered business plan. Currently, there are 30 Jan-Pro franchisees in Nebraska, and Oluyole hopes to grow that number exponentially.

Jan-Pro’s diverse team of entrepreneurs are free to run their own business while receiving training and education directly from the company’s national headquarters while learning best practices for client services.

To learn more about Jan-Pro of Omaha, or for franchising information, visit jan-pro.com/Omaha.


Volunteer Spotlight: President’s Club

Volunteer Spotlight: President’s ClubComprised of job titles that span from dentists, attorneys, bankers, to retailers and many more, The President’s Club is an elite group of approximately 20 volunteers that help grow the Greater Omaha Chamber (the Chamber) by promoting local membership and renewal. 

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The Union: Art with an Impact

The Union: Art with an Impact

Now officially open for the season, The Union for Contemporary Art (The Union) on North 24th Street is an exciting place to learn through experience, expand one’s mind, and inspire creativity. With a large art gallery named for Wanda D. Ewing, The Union offers five or more exhibitions per year with a primary focus on women of color in the arts. Not only does The Union display art that is culturally riveting; it also offers a multitude of mediums for visitors to expand their worldview and inspire their own creativity.

Nicole J. Caruth, program director for The Union, can attest to the importance of inspiring the youth through hands-on experiences and exposure to art.

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No Horsing Around, International Omaha Is Greater Omaha’s ‘Mane’ Event

Greater Omaha is a horse-lover’s dream, and the Burlington Capital International Omaha horse show gave the region an opportunity to showcase its vast network of trainers, riders and horse enthusiasts.No Horsing Around, International Omaha Is Greater Omaha’s ‘Mane’ Event

Karin Nilsson, an Omaha native, has noticed not only is the region’s equestrian community supportive of one another; the surrounding landscape is ideal for those who own horses and larger barns.

“One of the big pluses that I see is that we have a lot of land, so pasture turnout is much more available,” said Nilsson, in comparison to larger coastal cities, where many competitions are held.

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Ragtime – Young Actress Pieper Roeder

Opening on May 31, Director Kimberly Faith Hickman and her cast of 37 volunteer actors have tirelessly been preparing to bring Ragtime to life at the Omaha Community Playhouse.

Set in New York in the early 20th century, the plot explores the serious issues of class struggles between immigrants and suburbanites while touching on themes of family, immigration, and integration.

Bringing this powerful play to life needed just the right cast to instill the audience with hope and love throughout the production despite its characters many struggles.


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All the World’s a Stage for Omaha’s Intimate Bluebarn

Celebrating their 30th anniversary season, The Bluebarn Theatre distinguishes itself as the only professional adult community theatre in Omaha.

All the World’s a Stage for Omaha’s Intimate Bluebarn

Susan Clement, producing artistic director of the theater since 2002, attended Purchase College Conservatory of Theatre Arts in New York where she would meet her theatre family and meet the founder of the first Bluebarn Theatre in 1989. While their group of friends came from different backgrounds, they were united, according to Clement, “not by blood but by passion and by training.”

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CLC Landscapes: Professional Help for Your Yard

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As the weather gets warmer, we are reminded that spring is just around the corner and that it’s time to get our outdoor spaces ready for the season. Early spring, when the temperature is comfortable and the insect population has not yet bloomed, is a great time to be outdoors. Once winter’s debris is cleaned up, you can determine what can be salvaged from last year’s plantings and what you have to replace. If you’re planning a major project like new landscaping or establishing an outdoor living area, it’s time to call in the professionals at CLC Landscapes.

The business now known as CLC Landscapes was established in 1992. Current president Andrew Gangestad grew up in the Omaha metro area. Like many teenagers, he earned money by mowing lawns and shoveling snow. Later, he helped his dad with more extensive lawn care and the maintenance of sprinkler systems. Andrew’s developing interest in lawn care led him to study horticulture at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. “Dad was a big help in keeping up my accounts while I was in school,” Andrew recalls. “I think it was his way of easing me into the business.” After graduation, Andrew did join his father’s lawn care business, Corporate Lawn Care, which provided quality lawn and landscaping services to residential and commercial customers in the Omaha area.

As the business grew to provide more than lawn care, Andrew decided to change the name to CLC Landscapes. The firm now offers a variety of services in addition to thorough and professional landscaping. Irrigation is one of their specialties, whether you need regular watering for plants or a remedy for soggy areas in the yard. They also offer hardscaping, including retaining walls, fire pits, concrete work, patios, and landscape lighting—pretty much any outdoor structure you can imagine. Of course, they also offer regular lawn maintenance on convenient-to-you schedules.

You may be surprised to hear that winter is just as busy as summer for the staff at CLC Landscapes. “Because landscaping can be so seasonal and weather-dependent, we expanded our services into snow and ice removal,” Andrew explains. These services are primarily available for commercial customers who need their large parking lots cleared of snow and ice as a safety measure for their clients and staff. An added bonus of expanding services is that it keeps the CLC Landscapes crews busy year-round…a rewarding proposition. “Because our guys know they will be kept busy, we’ve managed to build a solid staff,” Andrew points out. “There’s very little turnover, and we know who works best together. It makes for a more familial feeling.”

The customer-oriented philosophy at CLC Landscapes was established by Andrew’s father. “Dad knew it was vitally important to really listen to customers in order to determine how to best fulfill their dream landscape or project,” Andrew recalls. “We tailor each job to suit the individual and take the time to develop services, programs, and solutions to meet specific needs.”

Andrew and his staff are licensed by the City of Omaha and certified for work with retaining walls and pavers. “Some areas have different licensing standards, and we make sure we can follow those standards before we accept a job.” CLC Landscapes is bonded and insured to handle most any project, and they know who to call if they need a hand. “If something is outside of our expertise, such as hooking up gas lines for fire pits or plumbing for water features, we work with professionals in those areas,” Andrew notes. “We coordinate our schedules so the client only has me or that crew chief to work with.”

Andrew advises everyone considering home improvement to do their homework. Go to trade shows to see what products are available. Having an idea of where you want to end up provides a starting point for conversations with contractors. Then, get multiple quotes. Vet your contractors thoroughly by asking questions and checking references. Be sure to get details in writing. “Even slight changes should be discussed and put in writing,” Andrew says. “There shouldn’t be any surprises to either party.”

The residential services at CLC Landscapes are structured to cater to the personal needs of each homeowner, providing timely and professional installation and maintenance. “Your image is our business” is the motto at CLC Landscapes, and maintaining that standard is how they maintain their client base. “Our business is referral-based,” Andrew concludes simply. “If our clients aren’t satisfied, we won’t get referrals.”

For more information, including photos of past projects, check out CLC Landscapes online at clclandscapesinc.comand on Facebook. You can reach the office by phone at 402-734-8088.

Midwest Physical Therapy: Solving Pelvic Problems with Care

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Midwest Physical Therapy Services moved to their current location at 11640 Arbor Street just over a year ago. In their new space, they have continued to serve the area through patient education and physical therapy. Cheryl Wisinski, PT, DPT, WCS, owner of the practice, has been a physical therapist for over 30 years and is board-certified in women’s health. She and her staff specialize in healing pelvic floor issues.

These issues often include incontinence or pelvic pain, Dr. Wisinski says. “We see a lot of people who have incontinence, which could be bowel or bladder. We see women with pelvic pain so bad they can’t have intercourse or do athletic activities.”

Pelvic floor strength is important because it stabilizes not only the pelvis but also the core and lower back. “That muscle is responsible for stabilizing the whole bony ring of your pelvis, which has to work in coordination with your spine,” Dr. Wisinski explains. All the muscles in your core need to be strong so they can work together to minimize back and pelvic pain.

Physical therapy for the pelvic floor is a relatively new specialty, but it’s growing because of popular demand. Dr. Wisinski pursued the specialty after she encountered patients in her general physical therapy practice who couldn’t do the exercises she recommended because they would leak urine if they did.

Some patients who begin physical therapy to address incontinence see other benefits, too. “We just had a really fun patient come see us last week,” Dr. Wisinski shares. “She had originally come to see us because of leakage issues. Along the line, she ended up slimming down, too.” After 90 days of therapy, that patient ended up with weight loss, a flatter stomach, and a complete lifestyle change—all because she finally dealt with her chronic issues.

Some patients have weakness or injury that stems from poor posture, overworking the pelvic floor, or even injury to the area. In some cases, a surgical procedure may be required to fix the patient’s problem. However, notes Dr. Wisinski, surgery and physical therapy go hand in hand. “Surgery changes the organs inside,” says Dr. Wisinski, “but you still need strong muscles underneath it all to have the best outcome of the surgery.” Dr. Wisinski also works with patients who wish to avoid surgery or who have surgery scheduled and want to prepare for it with strengthening exercises.

The small size of the office allows them to serve their patients’ individual needs to the fullest. Before seeing a patient for the first time, the team meets to discuss potential treatment plans for every individual. “We look at the muscles surrounding the pelvis, the patient’s posture…we try to look at all the pieces of the puzzle and figure things out,” says physical therapy assistant Britnee Hoffner.

Strengthening a muscle takes a minimum of six weeks of consistent exercise. Patients who perform their exercises at home, between appointments, get the most benefit from physical therapy. “No one wants to go home and do 30 minutes’ worth of exercises,” Dr. Wisinski notes. She and her team focus on short, day-to-day challenges they call “red light” exercises. “We try to make it functional and allow patients to fit them into the day.”

Patients are more likely to follow through on their home exercises if they understand why they’re doing them, Dr. Wisinski has found. That’s why patient education is so important at Midwest Physical Therapy Services. “We spend half of the first session using models and pictures to teach patients about their bodies—where their bowels are, what the pelvic floor looks like, and how those structures interact.” This empowers patients with the tools they need to help heal their own bodies.

Patient Dennis describes urinary frequency and urgency that were dominating his life. “The medication helped, but not enough,” he recalls. “My urologist recommended that I visit Midwest Physical Therapy Services. What a life-changer! After a thorough evaluation, they set up a program to strengthen my lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. There has been a dramatic decrease in my symptoms!”

Patient Kim started physical therapy about nine months after giving birth to her second child. “I have benefited the most from uncovering what areas to focus on in order to improve my weakness, my pain, and my overall strength, stability, and function,” she says. “I am still discovering new things about my body that I did not know or think about previously. I’m excited to continue to learn even more to improve function and symptoms during my current pregnancy.”

To schedule your appointment, call 402-933-8383 or visit them online at midwestpts.com.