Midwest Physical Therapy: Solving Pelvic Problems with Care

Written for Women’s Edition: https://www.womensedition.com/omahavantagepoint

Midwest Physical Therapy Services moved to their current location at 11640 Arbor Street just over a year ago. In their new space, they have continued to serve the area through patient education and physical therapy. Cheryl Wisinski, PT, DPT, WCS, owner of the practice, has been a physical therapist for over 30 years and is board-certified in women’s health. She and her staff specialize in healing pelvic floor issues.

These issues often include incontinence or pelvic pain, Dr. Wisinski says. “We see a lot of people who have incontinence, which could be bowel or bladder. We see women with pelvic pain so bad they can’t have intercourse or do athletic activities.”

Pelvic floor strength is important because it stabilizes not only the pelvis but also the core and lower back. “That muscle is responsible for stabilizing the whole bony ring of your pelvis, which has to work in coordination with your spine,” Dr. Wisinski explains. All the muscles in your core need to be strong so they can work together to minimize back and pelvic pain.

Physical therapy for the pelvic floor is a relatively new specialty, but it’s growing because of popular demand. Dr. Wisinski pursued the specialty after she encountered patients in her general physical therapy practice who couldn’t do the exercises she recommended because they would leak urine if they did.

Some patients who begin physical therapy to address incontinence see other benefits, too. “We just had a really fun patient come see us last week,” Dr. Wisinski shares. “She had originally come to see us because of leakage issues. Along the line, she ended up slimming down, too.” After 90 days of therapy, that patient ended up with weight loss, a flatter stomach, and a complete lifestyle change—all because she finally dealt with her chronic issues.

Some patients have weakness or injury that stems from poor posture, overworking the pelvic floor, or even injury to the area. In some cases, a surgical procedure may be required to fix the patient’s problem. However, notes Dr. Wisinski, surgery and physical therapy go hand in hand. “Surgery changes the organs inside,” says Dr. Wisinski, “but you still need strong muscles underneath it all to have the best outcome of the surgery.” Dr. Wisinski also works with patients who wish to avoid surgery or who have surgery scheduled and want to prepare for it with strengthening exercises.

The small size of the office allows them to serve their patients’ individual needs to the fullest. Before seeing a patient for the first time, the team meets to discuss potential treatment plans for every individual. “We look at the muscles surrounding the pelvis, the patient’s posture…we try to look at all the pieces of the puzzle and figure things out,” says physical therapy assistant Britnee Hoffner.

Strengthening a muscle takes a minimum of six weeks of consistent exercise. Patients who perform their exercises at home, between appointments, get the most benefit from physical therapy. “No one wants to go home and do 30 minutes’ worth of exercises,” Dr. Wisinski notes. She and her team focus on short, day-to-day challenges they call “red light” exercises. “We try to make it functional and allow patients to fit them into the day.”

Patients are more likely to follow through on their home exercises if they understand why they’re doing them, Dr. Wisinski has found. That’s why patient education is so important at Midwest Physical Therapy Services. “We spend half of the first session using models and pictures to teach patients about their bodies—where their bowels are, what the pelvic floor looks like, and how those structures interact.” This empowers patients with the tools they need to help heal their own bodies.

Patient Dennis describes urinary frequency and urgency that were dominating his life. “The medication helped, but not enough,” he recalls. “My urologist recommended that I visit Midwest Physical Therapy Services. What a life-changer! After a thorough evaluation, they set up a program to strengthen my lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. There has been a dramatic decrease in my symptoms!”

Patient Kim started physical therapy about nine months after giving birth to her second child. “I have benefited the most from uncovering what areas to focus on in order to improve my weakness, my pain, and my overall strength, stability, and function,” she says. “I am still discovering new things about my body that I did not know or think about previously. I’m excited to continue to learn even more to improve function and symptoms during my current pregnancy.”

To schedule your appointment, call 402-933-8383 or visit them online at midwestpts.com.

Like Pulling Taffy – BodyWise Therapy

With a winning combination of tactile techniques and verbal communication, Shanna Paopao of BodyWise Therapy, PC, provides relief to a diverse group of clients, from infants to young athletes to older adults dealing with chronic pain. In her 20 years as a physical therapist, Shanna has gained experience with all ages and conditions.

After training as a physical therapist at UNMC, Shanna worked in different places, including nursing homes, hospital inpatient wards, and outpatient settings, before going out on her own. Shanna began a partnership with another solo practitioner in 2013 and took over for her in 2014 as sole operator of BodyWise Therapy.

Shanna uses a hands-on technique called myofascial release, a term coined by John F. Barnes. The treatment itself focuses on the fascia—the connective tissue all throughout the body. “It surrounds all of our blood vessels and organs, including the brain and the spinal cord. It’s what joins everything.” It is essential to maintain the health of this layer of connective tissue. Trauma, bad posture, or inflammation may cause tension, resulting in additional pressure on sensitive nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and organs. The catch is that fascia does not appear on standard tests such as CAT scans or x-rays. Therefore, it is essential to use a tactile approach.

Shanna prefers a holistic, overall look at health and the way we move about every day. “We all need to move more,” she says. Though not all injuries are preventable, it’s true that when the body is at rest too often, the risk of fascial pain increases. Shanna likes to get a full history from each client, and she completes a physical evaluation before manipulating the fascia. “People will minimize things,” says Shanna, such as car accidents, falls, or other traumas to the body that they may not have considered before. Taking the time to go over clients’ initial paperwork, she gains in-depth knowledge of what issues might be affecting the body’s current state.

Fascia has a very high tensile strength. A prolonged, easy stretch is how Shanna describes her myofascial release sessions. “It’s like pulling taffy,” she shares. She takes her time, slowly rooting out the cause of an issue and then manipulating the body to allow for a deeper stretch and to promote healing.

Having worked with such a wide variety of clientele, Shanna has learned that everyone’s body is unique. “There’s no algorithm or set protocol,” she points out. “The challenge is figuring out everybody’s uniqueness. One person’s triggers differ from another person’s.” However, the daily challenge of serving such a diverse group is also one of Shanna’s favorite parts of her job. “I get to meet so many different people!” she says. “Everybody comes in with a unique personality, individual problems, and individual strengths.” Many of her clients have already tried other methods of pain relief or therapy before coming to see Shanna. She finds it immensely rewarding when clients tell her that they get better sleep after their appointments or that she’s made a difference in their quality of life.

Myofascial release is an ideal method for all ages because it is gentle on the body overall. Clients sometimes experience a bit of soreness after their sessions, but they may also feel relaxed or adversely energized. This is because the relaxation of the fascia in one area of the body can travel through the interconnected tissues and benefit other parts of the body, as well.

Shanna appreciates the work of her fellow therapists and would rather collaborate with them than compete. “I value what other physical therapists do,” she says. “For some patients, we can complement each other…I have some who come to me for the piece that I do and may see another therapist for another strengthening aspect.” Physical therapists who work with clients to strengthen the body through exercises have different goals than Shanna’s and, therefore, different techniques and approaches. Through myofascial release, Shanna encourages the body to work harmoniously and soothes everyday aches and pains.

No matter what their goals, Shanna advises patients to be open with their physical therapists and ask their own questions. “People should be involved in their own care,” she says. “If someone comes in and says, ‘Fix me,’ I can only do my best to do my part.” The path to health cannot be forced on anyone. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit from physical therapy, you’ll need to reinforce the work at home. “It’s a partnership,” Shanna concludes.

If you’re interested in learning more about BodyWise Therapy and myofascial release, call 402-932-8686 or visit Shanna online at bodywiseomaha.com. BodyWise Therapy, PC, is located at 2504 South 119th Street, in Omaha.

CleanWash Laundry: Taking the Competition to the Cleaners

From its vintage showroom built in 1890, CleanWash Laundry Systems has been a staple in the Omaha community since their opening in 2011.
This month, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce honored them with their Small Business of the Month Award because of their steadfast commitment to quality and service.

Boasting a family history of owning small businesses and the discipline of 16 years in the National Guard Reserve, Todd Santoro realized his potential success as a business owner. In fact, Santoro’s in-laws had an extensive history in the laundry business, owning and managing their own laundromats for more than 50 years.
After buying their first location in 2008, Santoro decided to make the switch from laundromats to distribution; selling and servicing new equipment to local hotels, laundromats, apartment complexes and even prisons.
While most laundromats are owned by families, the average distributor works from a mobile office (aka their vehicle), whereas CleanWash utilizes a more internet-based approach.
This way, they can cover a larger territory of the Midwest including North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Kansas as well as northern Missouri, while sub-offices are available to supplement their headquarters at 4808 South 26th Street in Omaha.
Using a “more 2019 versus 1979” philosophy, Santoro realizes the huge significance of the machines he sells to each businessowner he works with.
“When someone is buying a $30,000 piece of equipment, they want to look that person in the eye,” he said.
Some machines are so large, in fact, that one individual machine may be up to the same size as ten normal top-loader washing machines.
Looking ever toward the future, Santoro points out that one of the main challenges he faces daily is finding good service people.
“It gets harder and harder by the day finding those who have had good mechanical skills from an early age and problem-solving skills,” he said.
In fact, he insists that future generations need stimulation at a young age to develop both technical and mechanical skills. While some may have the misconception that technology is the only future, he stresses, “we need to do something with kids while they’re younger for the trades,” because there is currently a desperate demand.
While building his own business, Santoro loves helping others succeed.
“On the vendor side, we get to help folks build their business,” he said. “I have a gentleman in Council Bluffs getting ready to break ground on a store. He’s gone from being a service tech for a technology company to owning his own business. That’s a lot of fun.”
From another perspective, he also sees businesses that are in dire need of an update. Hotels are a perfect
“The laundry room at a hotel is as non-sexy as it can get, but it’s the heart,” Santoro said. “If they run out of bagels, they can still open. If they run out of sheets …” thousands of dollars in daily revenue can be lost.
With hundreds of pounds of sheets, towels and linens being laundered every day, it is essential to have up-to-date equipment that is well maintained for optimum functionality.
Hotels are required to have more than two times their daily linen inventory on a consistent basis, so having a broken washing machine or dryer is simply not an option.
“We can help them last longer,” Santoro said because the machines that CleanWash distributes are long-lasting and are built for heavy-duty use.
Teaching preventative maintenance is what helps Santoro ensure that the equipment he sells lasts as long as possible.
Dryers, for example, need cleaning at least every six months. If the front panel is not removed and cleaned, excess lint builds up which, according to Santoro, wears on the drum, the belt, the motor and (most importantly) is a major fire hazard! For this reason, CleanWash ensures a follow-up with clients periodically to teach them proper ways of handling industrial equipment.
To maintain functionality, however, it is essential to service and maintain the machines regularly.
“We want equipment that’s going to last,” Santoro said. “The goal is not to replace them every five years. The goal is that in a hotel, if we put a washing machine in, it should be there 20 years from now.”
From the manufacturer to shipping to installation, however, everything must be set up perfectly for a machine to function at its intended rate.
“One little tiny thing missing,” Santoro explains, “and in 5 years the machine needs a $3,000 repair. So, you have to put it in right.”
Having been a part of the Omaha community for years, he is extremely pleased and honored to receive the Small Business of the Month Award from the Omaha Chamber of Commerce.
“It’s nice to be recognized at home,” he said. “We try every day to be the best, most incredible, quality place people can find.”
For more information on CleanWash Laundry Systems, call their showroom at 402-505-4956.

Written for the Daily Record: http://www.omahadailyrecord.com/index.cfm?show=10&mid=84&pid=54

E Creative: January’s Small Business of the Month!

The Omaha Chamber’s Small Business of the Month Award recipient, E Creative, has been creating dynamic brands and marketing communication campaigns for the Omaha community since 2011.
As a well-established marketing consultant with more than two decades of marketing
experience, owner Esther Mejia recently relocated their headquarters to the Mastercraft Building in downtown Omaha where her team generates cohesive designs and marketing materials for each and every one of their loyal clients.
For a portion of her early career, Mejia pursued freelance marketing after receiving her degree in Visual Communication.
“Design influences so much of our world,” she said, “and we don’t even realize it.”
She and her team engage with their clients intensively and learn every aspect of an organization in order to maintain an authentic idea of their message to the community.
Their ability to create visually impactful materials for their clients and ability to communicate preserves the many longstanding and trusting relationships that they have built over time.
“Relationships are very important to us,” Mejia said, “and I see this as an ongoing relationship.
We’re not transactional folks; we want to be sure we’re building lasting relationships.”
With their brand-intensive process, E Creative learns the fundamental ins and outs of an organization to produce an optimum result for an individual organization’s brand strategy. By facilitating conversations and posing strategic questions about the organization,
E Creative guides clients through a very thoughtful progression to get to the real heart and voice of the organization. This process allows them to develop cohesive visual communications and content that help each client reach their target audiences.
One satisfied client, Megan Addison, executive director of the Collective For Youth, said, “We were looking for someone who could help us be clearer about our messaging and visually represent it for the community.
E Creative took the time to get to know Collection For Youth. We can now tell our story better and advance our work through the meaningful materials that they developed for us.”
Mejia explained the purpose behind her method.
“There are many voices,” she said, “and our process captures how that organization works in the real world.”
From developing brand strategies to marketing materials and other forms of corporate communication, Mejia says that E Creative seeks to “make sure the clients’ values, mission and vision align with what we create, capturing the true essence of who they are. If we’re being authentic, we know it attracts the right people to that organization.”
Not only does E Creative lead by example with their transparent and relationship-based company values, they want to work with the right organizations for the right reasons.
With a client spectrum including non-profits as well as corporate entities, E Creative “strives to work with organizations that elevate our communities and enrich the lives of others. That’s why I’m in it,” Mejia said.
One client, Executive Director of the Midlands Mentoring Partnership Deborah Neary, said, “In today’s world, nonprofits must deliver effective messaging in a creative format. No matter the communication challenge I have faced, E Creative always provides the solution. It is rare to find such talented people who are also humble and wonderful to work with. I completely trust the E Creative team to make us look good.”
By stressing not only authenticity but also a focus on preserving the community, Mejia and E Creative’s mission seeks to serve and render the community a better place than it was before they started.
Client Emiliano Lerda, executive director of the Immigrant Legal Center, said, “Working with Esther and her texam at E Creative has been fun, productive and effective. They totally get our organization’s culture and their work allows us to elevate our profile in the community.
Ultimately, E Creative is a key partner that helps us achieve our mission and strengthen our capacity for impact.”
Having been a member of the Omaha Chamber since 2013, a huge benefit of membership has been the opportunity to connect with others who are excited to highlight Omaha as a place for talented, mission-driven individuals and to collaborate with several creatives on the “We Don’t Coast” campaign, Mejia said.
“It was incredible to work with folks in my field from the community,” she said. “There was so much talent that I just loved being a part of that process.”
Keeping in regular communication with the Chamber because of their avid support for local businesses, Mejia believes that “they make our community better, and I’m grateful for that.”

Written for The Daily Record: http://www.omahadailyrecord.com/index.cfm?show=10&mid=84&pid=44

Save the Date Catering: The Little Caterer That Could

Nothing brings people together like a shared meal. This is exactly what Save the Date Catering strives to convey through delectable dishes at every one of their events. “Whenever people want to gather, that’s who we want to work with,” says Kate Duggan, a catering coordinator at Save the Date.

Owned by Pamela Briere, Save the Date has worked over 60 events since their recent opening in October of 2016, including weddings, anniversary parties, and rehearsal dinners. Pam has been in restaurant management for almost two decades and is responsible for operations at multiple restaurants outside of Save the Date. “I enjoy watching my employees excel,” she says. “I have employees who have been with me since day one of ownership.”

While weddings are their primary niche, Save the Date is expanding. Pam is currently in the process of hiring catering coordinators in a variety of markets to serve a wider scope of clientele. Two of these employees, Cathy Ebers and Kate, are catering coordinators who have known each other personally for years. They combine their unique skill sets to create an unstoppable duo. “Cathy is more organized in preparation, and I really like the execution,” says Kate. “That includes things like getting the food on the table, making sure everybody has what they need, making sure the bride is happy and that the toast happens at the right time.” Working at both intimate and large-scale events, Save the Date is comfortable with a party size anywhere from 20 to 1,000 people.

Inside their brand-new location at 1902 Betz Road, in Bellevue, Save the Date houses an industrial kitchen, an elegant waiting area, and a posh new tasting room for potential clients to sample the food before the big occasion. Working with Chef Peter Vanderzyl (“Chef Pete”), Save the Date will be offering a brand-new menu that features locally sourced ingredients with a gourmet flair. Cathy is especially pleased by the focus on local produce. “We’re chopping it ourselves, we’re cooking it ourselves, we’re aiming for more fresh food,” she shares.

Creating comfort food with a gourmet twist, Chef Pete makes mashed potatoes with roasted garlic-infused oil to enhance every flavorful bite. If a more formal cocktail hour is on the menu, Chef Pete can create petite amuse-bouches with fresh herbs and spices—small bites with big flavor. Save the Date provides everything from sit-down dinners to buffet-style meals. They will even recreate Grandma’s favorite lasagna from scratch, if a recipe has sentimental value for your guests. “We want to make sure to get it absolutely perfect for your event,” says Cathy.

 “The thought of entertaining 60-plus people for an annual family Christmas party was overwhelming,” says customer Jane Ford. “I want to thank Cathy Ebers and Save the Date for coming to my rescue. Cathy was in contact with me diligently prior to the event, planning all the details—including the full menu. The day before the event, Cathy came to our house to set up the buffet line and help with decorations. The food was delicious, and we received great feedback from the guests. This was my first time using a caterer for an event like this, and I can honestly say it was well worth the money and peace of mind. I would give Save the Date a five-star rating!”

Cathy and Kate build personal relationships with their clientele, forming a special bond by the time the event itself comes together. “It’s emotional,” says Cathy. “This is their special day!” Whether you are looking for a full-blown affair or a sweet and salty fix, Save the Date can accommodate virtually any request. They offer gluten-free options and can easily cater to specific dietary needs.

To the staff at Save the Date, nothing is more rewarding than their mutual success. “I have been able to watch my team grow and become successful, and that is very satisfying to me,” says Pam. “It’s the best reward I could ever receive.” Her team feels the same way about their work. As they thrive under pressure, Kate stresses that her favorite part of her job is “executing an event where everyone is happy at the end. Even if things have gone wrong, as long as everyone’s had a wonderful time, we’re happy.”

With the tools and leadership of Pam and skillful catering coordinators like Cathy and Kate, Save the Date Catering stands to become one of Omaha’s top catering destinations. If you want to put a fun twist on your next event, call Save the Date Catering at 402-504-4466 or visit them online at savethedatecateringandevents.com.


Written for Women’s Edition February 2019: https://www.womensedition.com/omahaenterprisingideas